One June night, Marcus John Henry Brown was rushed into the hospital with severe chest pains. It was a warning shot that forced him to reconsider the way he was living and what had caused the stress that put him in the hospital in the first place: a PowerPoint presentation. What started out as a warning shot turned into nine presentation principles and a brand new keynote for your corporate event, all hands or conference.

Presento Mori explores the lessons, the failures and the triumphs that put Marcus in that hospital bed. In this brand-new keynote, Marcus reveals the nine principles that have kept him out of the hospital, and kept him happy, successful, and helping business folks from all sectors thrive in front of all kinds of audiences.

Covering everything from imposter syndrome, stage fright, the creative process and fitness, Presento Mori is a swearyingly stoic keynote that gives audiences a set of simple tools to radically improve not only their presentations but also their lives.

13:30-14:00 Uhr

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